Feminists Without Mystique

Ep 184: Leonardo DiCaprio & Age Gaps

September 8, 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio's latest breakup with model Camila Morrone right after her 25th birthday had Twitter in a frenzy, and the graph of Leo's dating history resurfaced. We discuss when and why huge dating age gaps are icky. We also revisit the Olivia Wilde drama in the wake of the Venice Film Festival Premiere of "Don't Worry Darling." From Florence Pugh's Aperol Spritz to Chris Pine's meme-able expressions and Harry Style's spit (!?) it was fun to rehash. 

We see you: US District Judge Reed O'Connor, John Blake (and CNN for publishing) a dumb piece on 'wokeness' in Middle Earth, SC sentencing Brittany Martin to 4 years for her "behavior" at a racial justice protest, all the US law enforcement and government officials who are members of the Oath Keepers, Johanna Garcia's ponzi scheme, adult man at the Nationals game who stole the baseball from young girls
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